Rigid Heddle Loom Harp Forte By Kromski 32 Inch Clear Bonus

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The Harp Forte is available in warping widths of 8, 16, 24 and 32 inches. Two of the more prominent features of the Harp Forte are the improved, innovative metal ratchet and pawl mechanisms, featuring rare earth magnets that grant durable project tensioning and the side-lock latches that allow for convenient portability of your Harp Forte (even mid-project!!). A built-in warping board is located on the back of the loom and a direct warping peg and clamp is included, as well, giving the weaver the choice of warping method without having to invest in additional equipment. The Harp Forte comes with table clamps or can easily be converted to a free-standing loom by mounting it to a stand (sold separately). When you decide to invest in this beautiful rigid heddle loom, you will receive everything you need to begin weaving in one package!! Along with the items already mentioned, a standard 8dpi heddle, 2 stick shuttles, one pickup stick, pegs for the built-in warping board and a threading hook are included with the Harp Forte.

As you develop your skill of weaving don’t forget to check back for additionally available items for the Harp Forte such as, heddles with different dpi’s, a second heddle block for double-heddle weaving, warping sticks that prevent the threads of your project from meshing together and convenient carrying bags.

Now available also in walnut finish

 Need extra heddles? They come in 5  8 10  12 ,and ship FREE with your loom purchase! Just ask for a invoice to purchase them. Extra heddles are 69.00 each,they ship free with this loom.this loom will hold two heddles at once!

Now available also in walnut finish!

You get ONE FREE extra shuttles for buying here with us! Please let me know what size you would like!

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