Rigid Heddle Loom  Stand By Kromski 16  Inch Clear  Stand Only

Rigid Heddle Loom Stand By Kromski 16 Inch Clear Stand Only

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Without a stand, the weaver sits with the front beam on her lap and the back end of the loom angled up against a table edge or workbench. This gives you a good view of what is being done and allows the light weight of the loom to be backstopped by your body weight as the beating is done. This is the traditional way to hold and work this type of loom.

Other Advantages:

• the Kromski stand is adjustable allowing you to set the angle of the loom.

• the stand can hold your loom when you use the warping board which is on the back of the loom.

• the stand stores the warping pegs if you don’t want to keep them on the back of the loom.

• the pegs can create handy shelves on each side of the stand to hold stick shuttles or balls of yarn.

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